Being an entrepreneur calls for being busy and engaged in both personal and private life.

Mentioned below is a list of the Top 8 productivity tools that you can use in other to save time and increase efficiency.

Asana – Task Management

It is undoubtedly one of the best productivity tools for task management, and it is absolutely free. It is a highly convenient tool as it allows you to create new tasks, assign them to specific teammates, but most importantly, monitor the progress of the project.  Asana even provides you the facility to regulate who can see the particular tasks. It also has an inbuilt reminder that notifies you about the upcoming deadlines.  


It is humanly impossible to keep track of all the events. As an entrepreneur, you are likely to have an eventful day but don’t let mere event dates take our concentration away from you. Switch to Calendly. This online calendar is accessible through smartphones, tablets, and PC. It is also available on Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. The calendar loaded with events can be shared among groups and individuals as well. 

It helps you connect with your clients, prospects, and contacts and works with your calendar to automatically check your availability.


Trello encourages you to sort out any errand and movement with anybody. It carries a common point of view to any life’s venture in a fun, fulfilling and adaptable way. Trello empowers you to achieve anything directly from working together with associates up to arranging a get-away. Arranging with Trello is truly fun and its highlights are adaptable enough to fit any adolescent’s style. 

Google docs

Google Docs can end up being an extremely incredible asset for each business visionary since it lets one immediately make shareable archives, introductions, and spreadsheets that can be seen, altered by any colleague. It is allowed to utilize and you can compose, make, work together and alter archive from any place you are. Its savvy altering and styling apparatuses rejuvenate your archives and assist you with arranging writings and passages. You can browse many text styles and include pictures, drawing and connections. 


Franz is an across the board informing application which joins significant informing and visits administrations into one application. It at present backings Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Slack, WeChat, Skype and some more. It is the ideal apparatus to deal with various private and business accounts at constantly. It doesn’t matter whether you are dealing with a client care group or simply need to stay in contact with your contacts or companions, Franz got you covered. 


Buffer helps in improving time management when it comes to handling social media business. It is very handy and easy to use. It simplifies the process of scheduling posts for marketing teams and businesses.  It’s feature of being able to manage all accounts and analyse their performance saves times and hence reduces the constant need to shift from one app to another. 

The fact that this offers you all the required tools for necessary work in one place improves your workflow and now you can get much more work done in very little time.  The list of tools required for productivity increase is put together just for helping start-up founders.


Zipper helps you automate your workflow by connecting all your apps together. It automatically moves information in between your apps single-handedly which saves time and does not disrupt your workflow.It is a must use for busy people. 

This automation is easy to use as well.  With one link between your web and apps, information is easily passed between those apps with the help of ZAP. No coding or any complicated process required for usage. Has a fill in blank set up and completes actions automatically saving time and once done lets you get going with your work right away.

Last pass

LastPass streamlines your life by recollecting every one of your passwords so you don’t need to recall them all. It eliminates the deterrents for you and lets you return to the things that you love the most. 

You should simply introduce the expansion in your program for getting to and sparing your passwords. You at that point need to make a record with one long secure ace secret phrase and LastPass would wrap up for you. You would then be able to investigate LastPass vault and see, oversee and include things into your LastPass account. Overlooking and recollecting passwords will turn into a relic of days gone by with it.

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