Looking for jobs in advertisements, magazines and newspapers are so ancient.  Singing up or checking the job seeking platforms is the first thing candidates do for preferred positions and role.

In the time of social media, the internet, and technologies, finding jobs online has not only been useful but has also been very promising. Today, job sites are the most widely used portals used by individuals across the globe to find the right job that meets the qualification requirements. Every job is just a click away. 

With a decline in the employment rates in 2020, what more can turn out to be useful other than an online job portal. 

Listed below are the top 5 job seeking sites that have proven useful in India. Read on to know not just about these platforms but also additional platforms that operate for free. 

 1) KillerLaunch: Find the perfect startup job for you!

KillerLaunch is a promising job site that paves the way for both job-seeking students or young professionals and interested recruiters. This site acts as a bridge between the two by providing each other the perfect match for the respective company. 

Being one of the best job portals in India, KillerLaunch is user friendly and makes it very easy for its customers to look for jobs or internships only within a few clicks.  


  • search conveniently for jobs and internships
  • creating your personalized resume with the provision and assistance of a free resume maker 
  • select your preferred company by checking the reviews 
  • look for job and internships according to your preferences with the help filter option 

2) Indeed: Find Your Next Job

This US-based site that is considered one of the most trustworthy job portal sites in India, promises employment to people across the world. Indeed falls amongst the most user-friendly job portals that come with a minimalistic web interface that allows its users to search jobs according to their residing area. For those who are looking for jobs amidst the CoronaVirus pandemic, Indeed is responsible for making the job easier. 


  • Search for jobs and internships 
  • availability of company reviews and salary insights 
  • find jobs in India & abroad 
  • a quick search for jobs amidst the pandemic 

3) #1 Job Seeking Platform In India

Being the very first job site of Indian origin, acquires over 60% share in the Indian job hunt market space. After registering yourself, among 49.5 million registered job seekers with an average of 15,000 resumes added daily, you can start looking for your preferred job availability. has made it easier for college graduates who are looking for jobs by releasing their new venture which is designed exclusively for freshers right out of college or still in their college years. 


  • Search for jobs company wise
  • job availability for college graduates 
  • filter out preferences 
  • Pan India presence 
  • look for job location wise 

4) LinkedIn: 

A platform that acts as an extended version of your resume and provides jobs based on your skill, LinkedIn is one of the most trusted job seeking platforms in the world. It is a social media of the professionals that have served as a platform to network with your colleagues and expand your professional network with mutual networks. Apart from providing jobs, LinkedIn allows users to learn skills and expand their opportunities to grow in their careers.


  • build connections 
  • filter out preferences 
  • find opportunities through networks
  • set job alerts 

5) Monster India: Best Job Seeking Platforms Of India

Established in 1999, Monster India has built its headquarters in Hyderabad. It is amongst the top job seeking platforms in India offers a great variety of jobs, even with international companies, on its job portal. This trustworthy job portal site keeps you updated about job alerts via emails.  Monster is amongst the job portals in India that allows you to search for jobs under different categories like Government jobs, Contract jobs, Walk-in jobs & fresher jobs both in India and abroad. 


  • create job alerts 
  • notifications via email
  • resume building services
  • find jobs according to skill, industries, and location 

Free job portals in India: 

Besides the above-mentioned portals, here are some more sites that can be used to find job availability and internships for free. 

  1. Shine: The website focuses on providing job opportunities to freshers. Multiple MNCs post about their job openings on Shine.
  2. Freshersworld: This portal is full of blooming opportunities for young job seekers and freshers.
  3. It is the best way to make additional money and get jobs for flexible hours. Freelancemyway is an innovative job portal for individuals trying to get their hands on independent projects online. 
  4. Glassdoor: Glassdoor is primarily a website that stores information about companies on its site, including reviews, interviews, salary insights, etc.

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