10 Tips For Hiring New Employees For Your Startups

Initiating a start-up means that you will get stuck in a dilemma of either hiring new people or taking in newer perspectives.

But if you ask me, I don’t see a fault in that. People with fresher perspectives,work ethic and dedication can benefit your company in numerous ways even if it means increasing your cost.

Hiring new people is never a wrong choice but there are few ways in which it is done. 

Listed below are 10 tips that you must keep in mind before hiring an employee for your start-up.

1. Hire when you know you need someone for your startup

hiring for startup:

Hiring someone means you’re taking a load off your shoulder, even if it means increasing your cost. Hiring someone has its own advantages. You get ideas and look at problems from a different point of view. There is an increase in creativity and it also reduces your individual work load. Don’t over work yourself to cut costs, if there’s a necessity, hire the right person.

2. Hire for potential, not just what’s on their CV

abilities of candidate:

It is crucial that you have a look at the CV of the person that you’re about to hire, but don’t make that your sole criteria for hiring someone. Look for someone who is dedicated, passionate, responsible and eager to have this job. Their past success may not ensure their work ethic or their love for that particular field. Therefore, looking for someone who is genuinely interested,is willing to learn and is good at what s/he does is important while hiring people to work with. 

3. Have candidates demonstrate their skill:

Conducting interviews and selecting merely on the basis of CVs isn’t an ideal way to ensure that you’re hiring the perfect candidate for your enterprise. It is easy to pass such tests. Working solely for the CV and preparing for interviews is not an Herculean task. Therefore, it is recommended to select someone based on the tasks they finish. Assign them a task, provide a deadline and see how that follows and what that results in. An example would be if you are hiring a content writer, you would then ask them to write an article aimed at your target audience, you will give them a word count and also ask for a social media draft for each of the platforms you use.

This way you will be able to compare your candidates based directly on their skills.

4. Diversify your team: Hiring Tips for Startups

Having a team from different backgrounds gives you a wider perspective and helps you to assess problems from different angles. There is no point in selecting someone who thinks exactly like you, that way you wouldn’t have anyone to counter your decisions or provide more uniqueness to your company. Your aim is to get a variety of ideas so that you can choose the best direction for your startup to go in.


Never limit yourself to a certain region. By doing so you’re choosing to rule out the possibility of fresher and newer perspectives and potential. There may be a talented potential candidate who is willing to relocate for a job in your company and you may benefit from their talented approach. By working hard to recruit and retain the right employees you’ll eventually build a team that takes your business in the right direction, and finally help you to reach your expected goal. so allow yourself plenty of time to put that team together.

6. Invite them to be part of the team not just an employee: 

Startups are more favorable over corporate giants because they make the employees feel homely and happy. Having a formal team which gives an informal space, liberty to share and discuss ideas openly, perform team building exercises and at the same time make you feel like you’re on the same page as theirs make your employees feel comfortable and content. With team lunches, team building exercises, dog-friendly offices, all of these things can help your new employees feel as if they were always part of the furniture.

7. Have your contracts ready to go:

As a startup prioritising HR documents should not be given a backlog because you cannot afford to delay your progress because of your employee. Not having a contract in place definitely doesn’t protect you. The unfortunate fact is that not all employees will work out and you might not want to take risky or unwanted decisions without having a legal backup.Take your time to work things the right way and you’ll make sure your employee is in it for the long-term.

8. Offer benefits:

Providing benefits and incentives which are subtle and budget friendly such as doughnuts on a Wednesday, free beer on a Friday, a cycle to work scheme or discount on office technology or gym membership are all ways that you can help attract and keep your employees happy and satisfied which in turn produces quality work. A happy worker will always want to provide the best s/he can. 

9. Consider a referral program:

offering an in-house referral program with your current employees can be proved beneficial. There could be rewards and incentives for employees who help refer someone who fits into your company’s vision, if they do, their talented and potential friends and other contacts might also!

10. Keep up the hiring process:

Being a new startup seeking to hire someone, is a great step and shows your business is going places and wants to grow. Once you’ve attracted and hired a new employee to keep up the good work try and keep them happy, content and motivated so that your startup can go from strength to strength.

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