Best Idea Generation Tools [ Free & Premium ] For 2021

In our daily life, we sometimes struggle to get our work done. People say ideas are in the air. But how to implement it is a tricky part. We all come across some points and suggestions for our ideas to work to be done. The magic lies in the idea generation and the tools which make us wow. The best part of content marketing comes from ideas for blogs, ideas for articles, ideas for social media content, ideas for the marketing of it, and how to execute on the ideas.

Generating new ideas is the easiest, as well as the trickiest part. People have N… no of ideas but what to do with it and how to implement it is the big one to look for. And here the idea generation tools should be considered. Best ideas can come from any time and at any place. But the generating is not all enough. But here are some best idea-generating tools that can be used for our maximum benefits.

Please follow some idea generation tools and share your reference.

Free plane- Free Mind Mapping Platform

Free plane- Free Mind Mapping Platform - Idea Generation Tool

A free plane is a software that can run on the computers where Java is installed. It is good for schools, colleges, and all organizations which can provide it and can be beneficial for all users. This idea generation tool can make us wonder by its interface and running capacity. We can run it locally and a removable USB drive. It is used for mind-mapping and the tools used in mind-mapping. This is one of the great tools out there for mind-mapping. This adds content as quickly and possible to the software and easy to manage and also easy to use.

Pricing – It is a free tool.

Features –Note-taking, Content hiding

Platform –  Both Android and iOs

Pinterest Free Idea Generation Tool

Pinterest- Idea Generation Tools and Techniques

It is the best social media tool used for all people. It is easy to use, easy to grasp, and easy to handle. Here all the people come to share their images and photos for the best use of their talents. When we talk about the best idea generation tools, it should not be excluded. Here we can find the best resources for our ideas, and thoughts. There are a lot of links through which we can generate our ideas and share them with a large audience. With the help of this, we can create screen boards and share our thoughts. This idea-generating tool is mind-boggling.

 Pricing – It is a free tool.

Features – Photo, video, and audio posting.

Platform- It can run on all platforms.

Stormboard- Idea Generation Tools and Techniques

Stormboard- Idea Generation Tools and Techniques

In stormboard, focuses on employee engagement and the exchange of ideas is the major part of it. Through electronic means, we can share and exchange our ideas. And Stormboards focuses on that part very much. It is the best idea-generating tool till today. It allows us to color sticky notes for a better experience and allows us to connects globally.  Stormboard also allows posting documents, texts, images, and videos with the ability to draw sketches and share them on the platform. It can show us which idea is other people and what ideas we are sharing with the world or the people watching it. There is something extra added to it and it always focuses on better sharing of ideas with the group members.

Pricing – $10 dollar per month

Features –. Brainstorm ideas, define the objective

Platform-  iOs, android, and windows

Idea generator- Online Idea Generation Tools

When we focus on generating ideas quickly and easily, this tool will show us the right path to lead. With this we can see is to make an idea board or the idea box. It is given by the idea generator and if we like it, then it is okay to heed, and if we do not like it then we have to press the refresh button and the new idea will come to our grasp. The more we rely on these things, the more is better for us. We just have to enter the topic and press the button, then it will show to us.

Pricing – It is a free tool.

Features –.Ideation

Platform- Android, iOs

Mindmeister- Online Mind Mapping Software

It has an easy to use interface and it adds value to the people by its design and the working of this. Like mind mapping, it is a favorite with many people. This is the best idea generating tool. Mindmeister is easy to use and fun to handle. But, it comes with a paid membership and with three plans. The basic and free plan also provides a lot of benefits. If we think of the one tool which can help us to share our ideas in a simple manner, then it is the best one. We should definitely try this for the best benefits.

Pricing –$6.29 per month

Features –Mindmap template, mindmap editor

Platform- In all devices

Mindomo- Easy-to-use Mind Mapping Software

Mindomo has a highly customizable node with which users can insert images, videos, audio, links, and attachments to the other nodes. It is very good for mapping ideas, thoughts, and techniques for the users. It has a paid subscription until the user has finished the free subscriptions. Its cost is $36 for 6 months. It has some tools like MindTree, and etc. It is also available on desktop and can be downloaded from any iOs device and also for Android users. This idea-generating tool should not be ignored.

Pricing – $5.5 per month

Features –.Bookmarking, brainstorming

Platform- Windows, Mac, OS, and Linux

Germ.Io- Get from Ideas to Execution

This is a perfect tool to convert our ideas into plans and then execute them. It is easy to handle and easy to manage. People around the world are loving it and sharing their ideas. and experiences. It has abstract ideas and actionable plans which can be used fully and with every detail.  This tool has every moment (words, images, and videos) which can be used in any type of format and convert into ideas. There are also other brainstorming features available to everyone.

Pricing – $20 per month for 1o users

Features –. Collaborate, Brainstorm

Platform- All platforms

Curator- Collect, Organise, and Execute

 This App is only available on iPhone and IPad. It can give us an exhilarating experience and this is easy to manage. With this, we can visualize our thoughts, make them in the app and convert those into PDFs, and showcase them to our community.  This is very useful and eye-catching. It is a good platform to organize our ideas into many formats and we can organize, collect, and present our ideas as needed.

Pricing – $25 per month

Features –.Ability to organize, excellent project management

Platform- In all devices

Coggle-  Simple Collaborative Mind Maps & Flow Charts

With Coggle we can brainstorm our ideas into the mindmap. It is a freemium app that can be installed on both android and iOS. We can create good looking mindmaps fast and also brainstorm at the same time.

Pricing – $5 per month

Features –.Image upload, loop, and branches

Platform- In all devices.

We have given the list of 9 best idea generation tools here. And I am sure, you all will like it. It is dedicated to the readers. And if there is something that I have left, then feel free to post it in the comment box. I Will be happy to hear from you.

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