Best prototyping tools and resources For 2021

For some people, the prototyping is a bit awkward and for others, it is really fun. We have to choose from a vast range of tools and resources for prototyping. If you are really in search of the best prototyping tools and resources, then this article is for you.

Prototyping definition

By definition, the prototype is an early sample, model, or release of a product build to test a concept or process. In electronics and software programming, it has a variety of concepts. With the prototype, you can define and release the product, so that it can meet its perfect needs. The main motive of the prototype is to validate the product with the product market so that it can reach to the right source.

Why prototyping is important

With prototyping we can better depict the intent of our final design, change our design with customer feedback, final development should be included while saving time and money, saying that what fits has a good market fit. When we can change our apps, software, websites, and design we can get a glimpse of the market.

Best prototyping tools and resources-

1.      A marker and a sheet of paper– There is nothing cheaper, easier, and fun about paper prototyping. It is the simplest way to get our work done at the right time. Do not worry about the process and the methods to do prototyping. People with the least use of the resources are able to do it. It is also the best and efficient way that we hold a paper and jot down all the details about it and execute it in the best way possible. When holding a marker and pen, having color and paint are not that much important in doing these works.

Price- Already on your desk

2.      PowerPoint/ keynote– Yeah, we can create the digital prototype with the Microsoft PowerPoint and keynote. For persons who are not designers, they should go with the software that they have mastered and have the knowledge about it. Otherwise, it cannot be done in a good and efficient manner. So we should go with the familiar one.

Price-Already on your digital desk

3.      Smartphones sketch templates– When we venture to get a new application, we should use the smartphone sketch templates. To translate our ideas to sneak peek design, this tool can help us to make it a better choice. It is easy to use and easy to implement and handle. These tools have features which can make our work 10 times easier and we have not to spend more time on them.

Price- Free

4.      Explainer video generator– We can explain a solution by telling a story. If we are finding trouble to make the explainer video generator, then it is not the case. It is very effective and the interface is very easy to use. It can give the best customer experience and can satisfy us with the features. While this is slow and costly, we can get it by Implementing and easily and quickly.

Price- Freemium

5.      POP-app by marvel– The very popular POP (prototype on paper) app will change our way of thinking by implementing the digital media with the help of paper. This is a digital tool with the use of the paper prototype sketch. It is an easy and fun-filled tool to integrate and how to develop it through the need of the time and just take some pictures of your sketches and upload it to the prototype on paper (pop) and see what we can offer to the whole system.


6.      Invision– Are you all thinking about how to start it? This is an easy and powerfully effective to boost our working performances. The intuitive program will help us to upload screens and help us use hotspots to share all the things. It is easy to use and fun to handle. Sounds like a little bit of Pop-apps? Yes, it does.  But it has a vast source of things to offer. It has shared prototypes, where we and our partner will share the comments at the same time. Apart from the functionalities it can give us a big start and make us able to connect together.

Price- Freemium

7.      Sketch– It is the best of all. Convert your best design using the best warehouse program in the market. Although Photoshop has the same features, the user’s experience makes it apart from all. It has an abundance of templates which can make it a little bit interesting and makes it a little bit faster. It is not only functional but also has a vast user who can see our work in the efficient and the most convenient manners. But last of all, sorry to say. It is only available on Apple computers.

Price- $99 per ear.

8.      Photoshop– With the most availability in the market, it can transform our wireframes into beautiful designs. The option of Photoshop is many and endless. It not only used for prototyping but also used in various works. If you think it’s a commonly used tool then you should know about the cons of it and it is also a boon to us.  This can boost our performance at any level and can make us wow about using it and implement it to the different mediums.

Price- $280 per year.

Conclusion- These prototype tools have different styles and different designs, but there are a lot of other tools that can be used in the best and effective way possible. Whether you are a coder, graphic designer, software developer, and have an idea about the products, these are the processes to come up with the ideas to implement and to know more about it. Creating mockups and prototypes can make a person on the same page. It is good for a mind programmer, technically prove individuals and the person with the big idea, they can access it very easily and quickly. Rapid prototyping creates an environment of sharing and collaboration, rather than competition and in-fighting.


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