Best Outsourcing Websites For Startups and Small Businesses

In today’s world, everybody is concerned about working and earning money. Also, there are a lot of websites to help them in the get-go. People are easily getting jobs, but hiring an expert professional is a very hard thing. Here outsourcing websites will help us to bridge the gap between the hirer and the people that get hired. 

Outsourcing has the potential and everyone should use it in the best way possible. We should always be conscious about hiring the best talent and the best people who can finish our work at the given time. Every company has a different approach to websites. When we post a job, we should define clearly the hourly rate or the project completion rate, so that the people will do it with clarity. It is economical than hiring. We get to focus on our core business. We get access to skilled expertise from all over the world. It increases in house efficiency as everyone focuses on what they are good at. 

Here some of the best outsourcing freelance websites-

Fiverr- Best Outsourcing Freelance Websites

Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace to hire freelancers for your project, irrespective of the niche or industry one operates in. It is not an old one, it is around us quite some time ago. The main thing is that we can make any job done by choosing or making a gig at $5, and make it work. Fiverr is maintaining its position and popularity by competing with other websites and making it $5 per gig. We get to choose from 3 million gis on 150 service categories from freelancers residing in over 200 countries. It is the directory of freelancers. It is very easy to use and easy to integrate. We can get the gigs depending on our choice at $5, $10 to $15, and more. 


99Design is the #1 marketplace for all our branding needs. It is a platform for employers to find designers. You can get logos, flyers, website designs, and any other design you should need. This website is divided into two parts- “contests” and “projects”. Contests are where the employer posts a project that they need and hire the freelancers. And the project is when somebody applies to a certain agreement. You can either hire a specific designer to collaborate closely or start a contest to get many options for our creative brief. 


This website can be defined as the most complex outsourcing website available on the internet at this moment. It started some years ago when two outsourcing companies Odesk and Elance decided to merge and Upwork is the result of their successful partnership. Upwork allows us to do work with outsourcers and freelancers by tracking their time and work.  We should choose upwork for a wide range of opportunities if we are planning to hire the best talent for a long time. Upwork is a global freelancing platform where the savvy business and professional freelancers contract and collaborate. The company has 2 million freelancers to work with 100s of service categories. Upwork lets us post and provide projects based on the needs ours. It also gives the list of freelancers on the website and chooses them as we like. Outsourcing jobs Website

Freelancer is the direct competitor to upwork and they function on similar principles and processes. Both workers and hirers can use the platform by bidding, hiring, and messaging on the projects. And the employer has the ability to screen, reject, and hire freelancers who have already registered on the platform. Freelancer is among the oldest freelance marketplace. Freelancer acts as the directory of freelance professionals and lets you view their portfolio and hire them as a basis for working for you. This website allows us to work at an hourly rate based on our needs and requirements and allows us to make a milestone at the time of applying or bidding for a project. In the year 1998, Guru was founded as and is one of the most sought after freelance marketplace.  It lets us find among 3 million freelancers worldwide. It is good for people working in the United States.  This website has a safe and secure payment option that lets us pay by milestone, pay by project, pay by task, and pay by the hourly rate. This website brings people searching for work for writing, social media, designing, web development, and business development. It is a UK based company that follows certain rules and regulation like other freelancing sites. Here we can find jobs either hourly or project-based type. They claim to have onboard close to 936,000 businesses and almost 2.4 million freelancers. Here freelancers get 15 free project bids each month and can purchase additional bids at a reasonable price. 

Toptal- Toptal is a rapidly growing network of the top 3% of most thoroughly screened, talented freelancers in the world. We can hire top developers, designers, and financial experts on the Toptal. Freelancers can not apply for the job, they can only be assigned for the job which the company offers them based on the term and conditions.  This platform is a little pricy compared to other freelancing sites. It charges $500 before the company hires a freelancer. 

There are a lot of outsourcing sites from where we can get freelancers for our work. And I have given the top 7 freelancing or outsourcing sites as per the need. If I have missed something, or you like something, then please feel free to comment. We would be happy to hear from you. 

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