How to disconnect Instagram account from Facebook

This is one of the most common question among people that how to disconnect Instagram account from Facebook. If you’ve a business page or a personal page, you might connect it with incorrect facebook page. Don’t worry, you can change it with ease.

After the acquisition of Instagram, Facebook introduced a feature with which you can post or share the same post across both the platform.

How to disconnect Instagram account from Facebook

1 ) Open Facebook

2) Go to Pages – Select your respective page

After selecting your respective page, you have to go to settings.

3) Go to Page Settings

4) Select Instagram and Click on It

After selecting Instagram, you have to go to the end of the page, there is an option Disconnect Instagram.

5) Click on Disconnect Instagram

You have to click on Disconnect.

Disconnect Instagram

6) Disconnect Instagram Account — Disconnect

disconnect Instagram account

Hence, you can disconnect the Instagram Account from your Facebook page. It’s a very easy process and will help you in successfully doing it.






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