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Plozee is a place to get and share insight. The platform was founded by Haroon Atif.

Plozee Description: is an online platform where users get and share insight.

A user posts a situation – it can pretty much be anything. For example one situation is “Jakarta is sinking.” People then post insights – We define an insight as knowledge, information or experience in relation to the situation.

This creates the opportunity to learn about various interesting aspects of a situation and may even change the way you look at it.

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Founder’s Name

Haroon Atif ( Aware of the often toxic and combative environment on some of the world’s largest online platforms, I wanted to create a platform in which users feel being on it is a productive use of their time.

Plozee Features:

To understand the main feature of Plozee, let’s look at the situation Jakarta is sinking. Some of the insights that have been shared include:

The Indonesian government’s decision to move the capital city away from Jakarta

How the sinking of Jakarta is perceived by everyday Indonesians

Excessive underground water extraction in Jakarta

Corruption exacerbating the problem

As we can see, the insights are wide-ranging and they help you learn about various aspects contributing to the situation.

Another feature is that we’re trialling a character minimum, 250 characters, for insights. Unlike other platforms that have character limits, we want to encourage contributions that add value and depth to online discussions.

Future Goals:

We hope Plozee can become the main platform known for insightful contributions and discussions. We want to be a platform where people can spend time on Plozee and feel they have used their time in a productive manner.

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