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  • Juniper Research – Market Intelligence Services – Overview, Services, Contact

    Juniper Research is a consultancy founded by Tony Crabtree in 2001, is a firm which specializes in identification and appraisal of high growth market sectors within the digital ecosystem. Juniper Research offer market intelligence, analysis and forecasting in the form of analyst reports, subs databases and consultancy services. Founder : Tony Crabtree Founded Date : […]

  • Story of The Micromax- Rise and Fall of The Indian Dream

    India has given so many gem-stones and presented them to the world. And we get inspired to know about them. People always think to achieve their dream, and others make the dream happen. This happened with an Indian businessman, the owner of Micromax, Mr. Rahul Sharma. On 29 March 2000, in the city of Gurgaon, […]

  • Best Idea Generation Tools [ Free & Premium ] For 2021

    In our daily life, we sometimes struggle to get our work done. People say ideas are in the air. But how to implement it is a tricky part. We all come across some points and suggestions for our ideas to work to be done. The magic lies in the idea generation and the tools which […]


    Looking for jobs in advertisements, magazines and newspapers are so ancient.  Singing up or checking the job seeking platforms is the first thing candidates do for preferred positions and role. In the time of social media, the internet, and technologies, finding jobs online has not only been useful but has also been very promising. Today, […]

  • Top 10 Famous Startups That Failed In India

    Ever wondered why few start-ups that promised to bring progress and prosperity to this country failed? If yes, this is exactly the article you have been looking for. This article contains the top 10 biggest startups that failed. Read on to know what happened to them. 1) Viu:  A Hong Kong-based over-the-top (OTT) video streaming […]


    Be it running an already established business or starting a whole new venture, both comes with ups and downs and as an entrepreneur you must be ready to fight that battle rather than giving up. Your mindset, will, attitude and motivation play a major role here. Always remember why you started in the first place […]

  • Top 20 Women Entrepreneurs In India

    In this article, we have created a list of top women entrepreneurs in India, who have started low and are now as good and worthy as any other business run by men. Business is not just for men but for women too! Over the years, women have worked twice as hard as men to prove […]


    There are lot of questions when it comes to start a restaurant. Being the fastest growing business in India, many entrepreneurs dream of opening a restaurant business or startup. If you are one of those ambitious businessmen, I suggest this article is just for you.  This article includes the step by step guide on how […]

  • 5 Sales and Marketing tips for start-ups and small businesses

    Sales and marketing are a powerful tool. It can either make you successful or unsuccessful.  For small business owners, it is rather quite impossible to master every strategy but here’s a list of little things that matter. Mastering smaller strategies can also prove to be beneficial. And may also prove to be as good as […]

  • Krishitantra – Leading Agri-IoT Startup of India

    What is Krishitantra? And why opt for Krishitantra?  Since 2017, a team of young engineers, based in Karnataka, has been working extensively on improving agriculture and facing the challenges that surround it.  They aim to test and research the health of the soil and provide the best automation solution to enhance productivity and farmer well-being.  […]