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  • Juniper Research – Market Intelligence Services – Overview, Services, Contact

    Juniper Research is a consultancy founded by Tony Crabtree in 2001, is a firm which specializes in identification and appraisal of high growth market sectors within the digital ecosystem. Juniper Research offer market intelligence, analysis and forecasting in the form of analyst reports, subs databases and consultancy services. Founder : Tony Crabtree Founded Date : […]

  • – Get & Share Insights

    Plozee is a place to get and share insight. The platform was founded by Haroon Atif. Plozee Description: is an online platform where users get and share insight. A user posts a situation – it can pretty much be anything. For example one situation is “Jakarta is sinking.” People then post insights – We […]

  • DeepChecks – Powerful ML Monitoring System

    DeepChecks is the world’s most powerful ML monitoring system. What is DeepChecks? Many organizations spend millions of dollars building ML models, but don’t have a proper way to check if something is wrong with them. Deepchecks is a QA platform that inspects the production data and models so that data science leaders have control over […]

  • Best Outsourcing Websites For Startups and Small Businesses

    In today’s world, everybody is concerned about working and earning money. Also, there are a lot of websites to help them in the get-go. People are easily getting jobs, but hiring an expert professional is a very hard thing. Here outsourcing websites will help us to bridge the gap between the hirer and the people […]

  • Autonomous Truck Startup Inceptio Technology Raises $120 Million in Funding

    Inceptio Technology, a top autonomous truck firm, announced its US$120 million financing directed by Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL), a worldwide pioneer in the development and production of lithium-ion batteries. This funding is the next successful capital raising in six months since the last announcement of US$100 million in April. The financing helps Inceptio […]

  • 10 Tips For Hiring New Employees For Your Startups

    Initiating a start-up means that you will get stuck in a dilemma of either hiring new people or taking in newer perspectives. But if you ask me, I don’t see a fault in that. People with fresher perspectives,work ethic and dedication can benefit your company in numerous ways even if it means increasing your cost. […]

  • Cushion: The App That Will Fight for Bank Fee Refunds on Your Behalf

    “Basically if you’re an average person, you’re left to fend for yourself in this complex, constantly changing landscape,” says Paul Kesserwani (Cushion founder and CEO) of the U.S. banking industry. Considering the vast majority of American citizens would be considered “average” by ordinary standards, Kesserwani decided years ago that this consumer-banking dynamic didn’t sit well […]

  • Interview With Stéphane Nasser, Founder – OpenDeck

    Stéphane Nasser is the founder of OpenDeck, a platform which gives you inspiration for creating your startup pitch deck. They let you browse 1200+ slides from famous startups.  We had a conversation with Stéphane, where we asked him questions related to OpenDeck, challenges and struggle of being an entrepreneur and his hobbies. Let’s Begin! How […]

  • Ravi Kant Sharma – Founder of SastaSundar – Profile Details

    Ravi Kant Sharma is the founder of Sastasundar is online healthcare startup which helps user to buy healthcare, beauty and fitness products. Ravi Kant Sharma Biography He is an experienced Founder with a history of working in the healthcare and wellness industry. He is skilled in Analytical Skills, Management, Private Equity, Financial Modeling, and Corporate […]

  • Nava Raises $20M From Thrive Capital [Funding]

    NYC Based Employee Benefit Brokerage Startup Nava has raised $20M funding from Thrive Capital, an investment firm that builds and invests in startups from various industries like internet, software, and technology-enabled companies. Nava Raise $20M in Funding About Thrive Capital Thrive Capital is an investment firm that builds and invests in internet, software, and technology-enabled […]